All female ensemble

WILD! Does an “Ugly Flower” which is their take on a Pretty Flower. The show consists of two mirrored core scenes, and wild and fast tags where they blow out the world. When watching a WILD show you’ll never see a typical, boring, two person scene.

If this terminology means nothing to you, then simply trust us when we say this will be unusually funny. Take a whiff of WILD!

Performer Bio

WILD is comprised of six powerhouse female UCB performers respectively known from UCB Mess Hall, and the various shows that they host themselves. In the year since they have formed, WILD has taken the Los Angeles Indie Improv scene by storm. You can see them numerous days a week at various Los Angeles Improv theaters such as: UCB Sunset, UCB Inner Sanctum, The Clubhouse, Moving Arts, Lyric Hyperion Theater etc. WILD was part of the 7th and final Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival as well as the San Diego Improv Festival.