Improvised Shakespeare

Soothplayers create all new Shakespearean plays completely on the damn spot. That’s right, an entire play from start to finish all based on the suggestion of a title from the audience. Despite the show using the conventions of Shakespeare, the end result is often quite revisionist in terms of how certain issues are treated – particularly in regards to feminism. And the people love them for it at sold-out shows all across Australia. Don’t sleep on this one.

Performer Bio

Soothplayers are a Melbourne based theatre company that perform their infamous, and always sold-out, shows “Completely Improvised Shakespeare” and “Completely Improvised Potter” to audiences across Australia. Don’t miss this chanceth to see what they doth do.


“Soothplayers’ rowdy, hilarious plays are incredibly enjoyable and kind of astounding.”

The Age

“Soothplayers will leave you wondering why you didn’t enjoy studying Shakespeare at school.”

Planet Arts

“Nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

The Music