Teacher/Performer FAQ

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Where do I register as a performer and/or teacher?

For 2020 we are managing applications ourselves on this site. It’s a bit clunky as you have to pay with Paypal, but people seem to be figuring it out.

How much stage time will performers receive?

All teams will get a minimum of 20 minutes. If you need more, let us know. Some teams may get to perform more than once schedule permitting.

Where will we be performing?

For AIF 2020, we booked the Fusebox of the Factory Theatre – A Sydney venue that’s known to feature awesome comedy acts.

What is the range of shows and styles the festival is seeking?

We lean long-form, but all styles of improv are welcome. We are open to new formats and unusual ideas. Show us what you got.

Will performers get paid?

AIF is a new festival (launched 2019) with limited but growing resources. We are working towards a profit-share scheme for the coming years but currently, that is not yet the case. We do give performers the opportunity and priority to teach a workshop so that they may be able to earn a little.

Do teachers get paid?

Yes. Based on a flat rate.

If we teach a workshop, how long will we have?

3 hours.

What is the local improv scene like?

Growing – and awesome. Short-form has been around since the ’80s, but long-form is relatively new – and a wonderful community is blossoming as a result.

What are the festival’s goals?

The Australian Improv Festival is a place for local and international improvisers to come together as a community for a long weekend of shows, workshops and endless discussions on where you can find the best flat white.

AIF was created to offer a space where improvisers can meet other improvisers from around the world. It’s an opportunity for people to showcase the many ways improv has grown, evolved and made an impact in our lives and communities. 

It’s a place to fail gloriously, play generously, and succeed hilariously. 

Through this, we hope to expand the audience for improv theatre in Australia and get more people to join the cult.

Err… community.

What unique improv experiences will performers gain?

They get to say they survived Australia.

How is this different than Improvention?

Improvention was organised by Nick Byrne in Canberra, ACT and was last held in 2018.

The Australian Improv Festival is run by Laugh Masters Academy and runs annually.

AIF celebrates all forms of improv, from all across Australia and the globe, and our program represents the comedic diversity of this art form whether it be long-form, short-form, or anything else.

Travel Info

Which area should we stay in? 

Newtown, Redfern, Surry Hills, Central.

What lodging options are available?

Staying with friends is great. AirBNB is good. Hotels are expensive but there are lots of cheap n cheerful. hostels/backpackers around. Note that the VIVID Festival is on around this time in Sydney, so make sure to book ahead.

Are there home-stay options?

Available upon request.

What transportation options are available?

Uber is awesome here. Buses are less awesome, and the trains are better than the buses. Taxis take cash or card and sometimes can cost just as much as an Uber. There’s a cheap train from the airport to Central Station and we recommend that for getting into the CBD. For any and all public transport you intend to use, make sure you pick up an Opal card at the airport. If you want to hire a car, we recommend the GoGet car share service, our newest sponsor.

What dining options are available?

Sydney is known as a “food city” and there is no shortage of great places to eat. Also, Little Caesars Pizza is an AIF sponsor, so there are discounts available if you’re into that sort of thing. Use code LMA2019.

What local events or attractions are available?

So many. Bondi, the Opera House, the Bridge, Manly, Taronga Zoo, the Drop Bears… Also the VIVID Festival is on so you might want to check that out.

Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?

Please check here if your passport requires a visa or Electronic Travel Authority to travel to Australia. When you click on the link, the first question on the page will ask you what the purpose of your travel is, please select “holiday” or “attending an event.”
Important note: Please declare that you are traveling as a VISITOR/TOURIST and not for business purposes.

What else?

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