What’s this all about?

If you’re new to improv comedy theatre, the main thing to know is trained performers will spontaneously create characters, dialogue, and an entire show using your suggestions or stories as inspiration.

Every show is unique, never to be seen or repeated again. Ever.

Eran and Happy try to answer the question: What is improv?

It will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next, how the performers do it (hint, they took improv classes), and laughing along as unscripted scenes evolve before your very eyes.

And while you may be familiar with Whose Line is it Anyway, Thank God You’re Here or even TheatreSports, there’s so much more to improvisational theatre. (See: What is Improv?)

In fact, most of the funny people you love to watch on TV and in films got their start in improv, from Tina Fey to Steve Carrell to Amy Poehler to Will Ferrell.

So come see what it’s all about, have a laugh, take a workshop, and make some mates.

We look forward to seeing – and laughing – with you.

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