About the Australian Improv Comedy Festival

The Australian Improv Festival is brought to you by Laugh-Masters Academy, Australia’s first and only long-form “Chicago style” improv and sketch comedy school operating in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian Improv Festival is a world-class improv comedy festival that serves the two cities where most improvisers and audiences live – and most overseas teachers and performers want to visit.

AIF gives local and international improvisers an opportunity to take improv comedy to the wider Sydney theatre scene. For this first year, our focus is on finding and building partnerships with venues, institutions and performers who can help grow the local improv scene and reach a wider audience.

We’re here to support, share, and showcase all improv comedy from all schools, all across Australia, and around the world.

– Eran Thomson, Founder AIF, Laugh-Masters Academy

Workshops and other activities have been designed to foster community and an exchange of ideas – and we welcome you to come and be a part of it.

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    We call it “The Hop”

    “AIF” sounds like a possum sneeze.
    So the official nickname for our festival is “The Hop.”

    There are two good reasons for this:

    1. Each year the festival alternates between Sydney and Melbourne. So in 2019, we’ll be in Sydney, and in 2020 we’ll hop down to Melbourne like a kangaroo. Then in 2021, we’ll hop back up to Sydney. Get it?

    2. We love kangaroos.