Improv Ensemble


The year Australia saw the end of the six o’clock swill, and death by capital punishment. Indigenous people were recognised by referendum and New England, our would-be seventh state, was not. Postcodes were introduced, and Johnny Farnham smiled his way into our lives with Sadie the Cleaning Lady.

Oh and we lost our Prime Minister to drowning while he was showing off to his friends at the beach. And then we named a swimming pool after him.

It was also the year The Harold (an improv format ) was first played in California.

Five decades later, in 2019, at the inaugural Australian Improv Festival, we honour this Aussiest of disappearances by introducing the Harold Holt: a celebration of childhood, holidays, summer, seaside and communist political conspiracies.

It’s the improv format we had to have.

Performer Bio

This festival piece was devised by, and will be performed by, the same cast that brought you the Sydney Fringe sold-out success “Law and Order: Improvised Case Unit.” Jump in feet first.

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