Personal Storytelling

Tell it like it is… or was. First person storytelling shows are all the rage on stages and podcasts across the country. In this class, you will learn how to take true events from your own life and weave them into engaging performances. We will work on presentation, overcoming stage fright, story structure, different approaches, […]

Trusting Your Creative Impulse

Get out of your head and into the scene This workshop focuses on how performers can find intimacy and familiarity with their scene partners, and create relaxed atmospheres to use as a creative impulse to drive scene work. The exercises work on getting performers out of their heads and using their energy to focus on […]

Children’s Improv Workshop

Ages 10-15 In this Improv workshop for Young People we will start where it all begins, so no previous experience required. In this three hour workshop we will look at “yes, and…” – the basis of improv, storytelling and characters. Improv sharpens communication and public speaking skills. It also promotes fast thinking, engagement with ideas, […]