Karaoke Yogi

Improv Ensemble Born from the love of positive therapy, this troupe has created a unique recipe for a show that consists of art, health, and humour that will leave you feeling enlightened for days. If the idea of downward-dogging up-close with hundreds of sweaty strangers is slightly daunting, you can inhale deeply and, now exhale […]

Lady Fingers

All female trio “Stories! Melodies! Anarchy! Oh my!” The Lady Fingers bring you cheeky, musical, character based, scenic, improvisational theatre. Watch and be amazed as these three mischief makers improvise vocal music to inform scene work, make multiple characters and abundant laughs. Storylines may cross, characters may disappear or return in this fun adventure into […]

The A-Team

Musical Improv Fairytales, westerns, sci-fi, bio-pics, whatever the genre, The A-Team will play it. Give them the name of a famous or historical figure and they will instantly build a narrative through song and dance that tells you their whole life story. Performer Bio The A-Team is a narrative musical improv group who perform one-act […]